Get started minimalist homeschooling by determining the ivestment you will make...

Get Started Minimalist Homeschooling: The Investment Homeschoolers Make

Are you looking to get started minimalist homeschooling?  Why?  Let’s start at the beginning…

invest – v.  1. To commit in order to gain profit or interest. 2. To spend or utilize for future advantage or benefit.

Parenting is the only investing I can think of in which the investor relinquishes all gains to the parties in whom they have invested.  These investors expect nothing in return for themselves. In  addition, they believe so fully in the potential excellence of that in which they are investing, that they don’t hesitate to commit.

Minimalist homeschooling asks two questions:

First, what exactly are you investing in?

Second, what are the wisest investments to make toward that goal?

The obvious answer to the first question is: Our children. Their futures.  But you’ll have to be a little more specific than that…

The second minimalist homeschooling mindset hack from the book is: Invest your time and energy into your values.

How homeschoolers make the most savvy investments in their children, and their future. Pin as an awesome reminder.


There was some discussion in our facebook group about how to approach homeschool values… are they the same as family values? Different? Do they overlap?

It depends. What are you so sure will offer your child future gain, future advantage, and/or future benefit that you are willing to commit whole-heartedly, certain of a positive return on your investment?

Because let’s be clear: we are not adhering to homeschool values, or following our values. This goes beyond knowing our values. Investing is plunging us into commitment with an eye toward a future gain.

Homeschoolers invest in their children’s education. They commit. Most homeschoolers tend to spend and utilize every resource they can get their hands on. They do it for future gain, future advantage, and future benefit.

Now, the distinction must be made between the investment we make, and the thing in which we are investing. The investment is the expense, that which we invest in is the potential gain.

We devote our time and energy to math facts, lessons, and outings. Homeschoolers make investments of field trips, grammar, or Latin word roots. The investment is our time, energy and knowledge – and those investments take many forms.

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We invest in our children; in their education; in their future.

A financial investor invests in their future financial security by wisely picking and choosing investments.  So, too, minimalist homeschoolers can wisely choose investments that are most promising for ensuring a future gain, benefit, or advantage for what they are investing in: their children’s education.

In fact, minimalist homeschooling relies on making wise investments.  Minimalist homeschooling theorizes that you will have better returns in the future by focusing your portfolio on the most important investments. Homeschoolers can be savvy investors that choose the best investments, not every investment.

To identify your homeschool values, it really comes down why you are investing in your children: What potential future increase in value you foresee or desire for them?

Put another way:

What big-picture return on your investment are you hoping for this school year?

What potential return on your investment are you hoping for at the end of the homeschooling journey?

Then, what are the wisest investments you can make?

Comment below with the investment that will motivate you to get started minimalist homeschooling…

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Get started Minimalist Homeschooling - it is all about investing in our children's education wisely. How does your homeschool investment portfolio look?


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How homeschoolers invest in their children, and invest in their future by making the most savvy investments in their education.

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