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Read this for a brilliant way to remove the stress from your homeschool. Create a simple and minimal homeschool schedule with confidence.

One Trick for a Simple and Minimal Homeschool Schedule

I know homeschooling folks are busy, busy, busy.  So, you can listen to the following blog post using this media file.  My hope is that you can listen while you’re taking a quick break with a cup of tea, or a glass of wine, or even while you’re washing dishes.  If I mention a link, you’ll find it in the written post below.   Wishing you a simple and minimal homeschool schedule!


Hi there.  I bet you’re here because you struggle with finding a schedule that works for you.  Maybe you have a schedule, but you can’t seem to follow it, or stick with it.  Or, you’re wondering if you’re doing enough, or too much?  Maybe you’re wondering if the subjects chosen for your 4th grader will meet the general 4th grade standards out there in the world?  You think that if you can just see someone else’s simple and minimal homeschool schedule, it will answer all your questions, and eliminate all doubt.

It won’t.

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Learn how to be awesome instead of being it all. Create a minimalist homeschool starting today.

Minimalist Homeschool: Don’t Be It All, Be Awesome

People often hear “minimalist homeschool,” and they wonder if it’s a code-word for under-achievers who do the bare minimum to educate their children, with little intention or effort.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

In reality, a minimalist mindset is about being awesome, instead of being it all.

Every homeschooler that I have met wants the best for their children.  The task that they have assumed is not one that they take lightly – they are aware of the importance of how their children are educated.

If anything, the homeschoolers are often homeschooling BECAUSE they value education SO MUCH, and are acutely aware of its impact.

Because, honestly, who would take on all of this extra work and thought if it weren’t really, really, important?

You’ve gone all-in for this challenge, so be awesome at it!

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When life gets crazy-busy, try one of these uncommon ways to slow down, simplify, and reset.

3 Uncommon Ways to Reset to a Simple Life

Have you ever felt like your life has become a little too busy and chaotic, and you would love nothing more than to go back to a simpler time? Do you crave a simple life?

Sometimes, when our days have become so filled with activities and obligations that we don’t have a minute to relax and breathe, I realize that we need to reset our lives and reclaim a little simplicity. Continue reading