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One fun exercise to define how we spend our time. Minimalist homeschool musings to read and pin!

Homeschool Musings – Fun Exercise to Focus Your Time

This is Part 1 of my two-part homeschool musings on time.  In the book, Minimalist Homeschooling, a lot of words are devoted to decluttering homeschooling schedules.  One of the hacks from this section is:

 Minimalist Homeschooling Mindset Hack #16: How we choose to spend our time matters to ourselves and to those around us.

You can listen to this blog post:


Must-read for focusing yoru time in homeschool and life. Pin it, try it. So helpful! Minimalist Homeschool musings.


I would edit this to say “How we spend our time matters, perhaps more than anything else to ourselves and to those around us.”

This is because we have a job to do.  Whether you believe in a higher purpose for your life or not, the fact is, we all have a job to do.  In fact, we all have several jobs to do that all require our attention, dedication, and yes, TIME.

I wrote job descriptions and detailed duties and responsibilities for each of my jobs.

My kids did, too.

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The latest scientific research on menstrual cramps relieved by essential oils. Check out t what really works!

Menstrual Cramps Relieved by Essential Oils: Natural Remedy for PMS

Instead of reaching for an over the counter pain reliever the next time menstrual cramps set in, consider using pain relief that nature created: essential oils.  It turns out that menstrual cramps relieved by essential oils.

Here we go folks!  I’m pretty excited about this one.  You may not know this, but I am a science geek at heart (and by training) and halfway to hippie by nature.  I love reviewing the scientific evidence for (or against) natural remedies.  So, let’s go! Continue reading

Why I don't think about homeschool mom self-care, but still have spectacular results. Read and pin to start preparing yourself for all of the hard work that comes your way.

How Homeschool Mom Self-Care Accidentally Happened… and gave me a productive year.

Lots of blogs, podcasts, and conversations over coffee talk about homeschool mom self-care.  We know it’s important, but rarely is it a priority.  I’m the worst.  I spent years of my life researching the effects of chronic-stinkin’-stress, and how it LITERALLY rewires parts of the brain and changes behavior, and yet, I fall prey to chronic stress as much as everyone else.  Although, I’m getting better.

I want to talk about 2017, and what it taught me…

Normally, I’m a planner.  I’m a list-maker and checker-offer (apparently, I make-up words, too).  But, 2017 was totally the year that was NOT planned. Continue reading

Healthy peanut butter cups recipe. Pin this for a spectacular treat. Uses whole foods and is really easy.

Healthy Peanut Butter Cups Recipe: Make Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cups, Bars, Balls, or Eggs

Hey guys!  It’s almost New Year’s Eve and so I really wanted to share this recipe.  I love, love, love peanut butter cups (who doesn’t?), but they are so NOT healthy.  So today I give you a recipe for healthy peanut butter cups!

These are a great option for sharing at get-togethers because even people on a Standard American Diet love them.  Usually, I announce really loudly that they’re vegan and super-healthy.  That way, most people avoid them and there are more for me.  Ha ha ha.  So tricky. Continue reading

Simplify Life the Little House Way. Pin to remember 7 ways to get back to what's most important.

Simplify Life – The Little House Litmus Test

Life can feel so overwhelming.  So busy.  Some days – most days – there is a never-ending to-do list and no light at the end of the tunnel.  We crave an easier existence, but don’t know how exactly to simplify life.

In comes Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  If you haven’t read the book recently, I suggest picking it up as a case study on how to simplify life.  Then use the Little House as a litmus test for your own life.

No time to go read a novel?

I hear ya.  That’s why you’re here!

So, I’ll give you the “Everything You Need to Know about Using the Little House Litmus Test to Simplify Life” article here.  Here are 7 ways to be more “Little House” in life: Continue reading

Prioritize homeschooling by taking a closer look at what you do WITHIN your homeschool. Pin this and buy the book to get started.

“Prioritize Homeschooling” – The Best Advice You Can Get

There is a lot of homeschooling advice out there.  Most of the advice boils down to one thing (and the rest of it benefits from this one thing):
Prioritize Homeschooling.


To prioritize homeschooling doesn’t just mean that you have to put homeschooling first  before other commitments (although that is an option), but also that you must prioritize WITHIN your homeschooling.

I have already written about why “life balance” is a complete sham. Do NOT buy into trying to “balance” everything. Do not drink that kool-aid.  I’m just going to come out and say it again (and again, and again): Balance is the road to overwhelm.  Instead…




If you want to make a big mark on your space, your schedule, your homeschool – in short, your life – this is the one piece of advice I would give you: Prioritize.

You have a limited amount of time.

You have a limited amount of space.

You have a limited amount of money.

You have a limited amount of energy (this is the one that is usually hardest for moms to accept).

Therefore, doing all the things, or having all the things IS NOT AN OPTION. Continue reading
Adopt a Minimalist Homeschooling Mindset. This pots offers a hack to change your thinking so you can simplify homeschoooling.

Minimalist Homeschooling Mindset Hack #5 – Change your mindset to remove the mental barriers to minimalism

Can you and I talk frankly with one another about the minimalist homeschooling mindset? Grab something to drink, and stick with me for a bit. I think you’ll like where this goes… Continue reading