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Minimalist Homeschooling

Curious about Minimalist Homeschooling?  Links to all of the best posts are below, but first… my story…

One day, and for many days thereafter, I woke up as the mother of 4 children, running 2 businesses alongside my husband; with a neglected website and aspirations for writing, traveling, and relaxing with cups of tea.  I was depressed, overwhelmed, defeated and hopeless.  My house was relatively clean (because I was paying someone to clean it every week), but it was covered with piles:
things for our businesses,
things to be fixed,
things to be addressed,
things to go to another part of the house,
things to be donated,
things to hide from my children,
things  my children had played with,
things that hadn’t yet been hung on the walls,
things to be folded,
things to be stored,
things for our fixer-upper project,
things for school,
things to put away,
things for the garage…

things, things, things.

Minimalist Homeschool

This was a time not long ago in my homeschooling journey when life felt hard, chaotic, busy, and stressful.  I couldn’t do everything, much less do it all as well as I wanted.  I was frustrated by the end of almost every day.

If homeschooling feels hard every day; if you feel over-burdened; if you are always busy, but never sure what you have accomplished, then I wrote this book for you.  I was that person – I tried different styles, different curricula, different books, different schedules, and a different space – but really, I needed a different mindset and a different approach.

Minimalist Homeschooling is not just about the stuff filling our space – it is about the stuff we choose to fill our time and our minds!  It is about how we invest our energy, and invest in our children.

Now, five years later I am putting my journey from frantic homeschooling mother to calm and content homeschooler into a guide.  I want others to see that homeschooling doesn’t have to mean a crazy, busy life of too much to do, too much to buy, and too much to plan.  There is a way for your children to learn more while doing less.

I am here to say that if what you have tried so far hasn’t worked (or it worked at the expense of your sanity), it is probably not because you are flawed, but rather because perhaps you were trying to do it all, instead of placing your values and your goals in a place of primary importance.  The simultaneous simplification and focus of minimalist homeschooling can get you on a road to a calm, stress-free, purposeful, and confident homeschool.

Take a deeper look at how you invest your time and energy.  This book will walk you through detailed steps to create your own minimalist homeschool that will suit your family’s needs.  We will spend time talking about values, priorities, and goals.  You’ll spend time thinking about your family and your time.  Consider it your own personal workshop for homeschool planning.  Get the book now.


Whether you have read the book or not, you can change your school this year!  Throughout this school year, in a series of 36 posts, I break-down the finer points of the minimalist homeschooling philosophy.

While the book is a step-by-step guide to purging your priorities, curriculum, schedule, lessons, space, and more, this series of posts will focus on the mindset by going deeper into each “Minimalist Homeschool Mindset Hack” from the book.  They are intended to compliment each other.

Access the minimalist homeschooling mindset series hereMinimalist Homeschooling Series


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I don’t want your homeschool to feel stressful or busy.  I want you to feel confident, and your school to be meaningful and excellent.

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