A scientist talks about how to actually stay healthy and happy. Pin and check it out!

Stay Healthy & Happy

I have a passion for reading up on what the latest biomedical research says about natural health options.  I blog about it over here at The Science of Natural Health.  But on this site, I talk more about how to actually put it into practice when you’re… well… living.

I want everyone to leave here healthier and happier.  So grab a cup of tea, and let’s chat about how to stay healthy AND happy!

Why Your Life Does NOT Need Balance

Best. Advice. Ever. PRIORITIZE.

My Favorite Natural Remedies for Children

3 Surprising Reasons You Can’t Keep Your Home Clean

3 Uncommon Ways to Reset to a Simple Life

Natural Treatment Options for ADHD

Yoga Health Benefits

How to Increase Children’s Physical Activity

Grass-feed Beef Nutrition versus Grain-fed Beef

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