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Why I don't think about homeschool mom self-care, but still have spectacular results. Read and pin to start preparing yourself for all of the hard work that comes your way.

How Homeschool Mom Self-Care Accidentally Happened… and gave me a productive year.

Lots of blogs, podcasts, and conversations over coffee talk about homeschool mom self-care.  We know it’s important, but rarely is it a priority.  I’m the worst.  I spent years of my life researching the effects of chronic-stinkin’-stress, and how it LITERALLY rewires parts of the brain and changes behavior, and yet, I fall prey to chronic stress as much as everyone else.  Although, I’m getting better.

I want to talk about 2017, and what it taught me…

Normally, I’m a planner.  I’m a list-maker and checker-offer (apparently, I make-up words, too).  But, 2017 was totally the year that was NOT planned. Continue reading

This scientific study on sleep deprivation explains why a good night's rest is so important. Pin and read.

That one time when your mother was right: A good night’s rest is really important

Newsflash:  Your mother was right.  You do need your sleep.  It turns out that chronic sleep deprivation is really bad.  And it’s not just because your mother or your grandmother said so.  In case you don’t believe them, take it from scientists.

In a recent study published in Molecular Neurobiology, Continue reading