The minimalist homeschooling mindset series: change your perspective to chang eyour homeschool. Pin this link to read all of the posts throughout the school year... Must start this journey today.

Minimalist Homeschooling Mindset Series

Welcome to the minimalist homeschooling mindset series:  Change your perspective to change your homeschool from frantic and frustrating, to calm and content…

…one week at a time.

Minimalist Homeschooling Series

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What exactly is minimalist homeschooling anyway? Read this to figure it out and get started.What is Minimalist Homeschooling? – Week 1


How to do what you love. Minimalist homeschooling mindset series - hack 1 week 2Do What You Love… because minimalist homeschooling is about more than purging books – Week 2


How homeschoolers make the most savvy investments in their children, and their future. Pin as an awesome reminder.The Investment Homeschoolers Make – Week 3


How to keep homeschooling simple amid the fears of what you SHOULD be doing, or what verybody else is doing. How to confidently keep the educational clutter under control!How to Keep Homeschooling Simple… amid fears of everything you SHOULD be doing – Week 4


Minimalist Homeschooling Mindset - How to KEEP the house clean. 3 Reasons I had never thought of before! Must read. 3 Surprising Reason the House is Still a Mess – Week 5


Adopt a Minimalist Homeschooling Mindset. This pots offers a hack to change your thinking so you can simplify homeschoooling.Remove the Mental Barriers to Minimalism – Week 6


Christian Minimalist Homeschooling - Tons of scripture verses that affirm minimalism, teaching our children, and wisdom. Plus free downloads for prayerful reflection or Bible study. Save and Study!Christian Support for Minimalist Homeschooling – Week 7


Best advice ever: prioritize. Prioritize homeschooling for a total game-changer. Pin and Read.Best. Advice. Ever…. Prioritize – Week 8


Why identifying homeschool values is so important to minimalist homeschooling. Read and get to work!Homeschool Values: How and Why to Identify Them – Week 9


Minimalist Homeschool is all about excellence. Meaning. Importance. Love. Value. Read this and be encouraged.Be Awesome.  Don’t Be It All – Week 10


Have you ever struggled with homeschool self-doubt? Make sure you're not missing this critical step for making a change.Homeschool Self-Doubt: How to Make Confident Changes – Week 11


Ready to put all of this advice into real-life practice?

The minimalist homeschooling mindset series of hacks are taken from the book Minimalist Homeschooling.  In the book, you’ll find a step-by-step guide (with worksheets!) to use these mindset hacks and create your own meaningful, and simplified homeschool.

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